Adelaide Augustine

Adelaide Augustine
Element: Voodoo
Power: Loa Bokor - Brewing potions
Birthstone: Aquamarine (Born in March) Opposition: October/Opal


Zommmmmmbiiiiiies! - Take X OC in your support stat, up to 3. You have X dice to divide between from 1 to 3 zombies you summon. These zombies are treated as having all their stats equal to twice as many dice as they have (i.e., a 1 dice zombie rolls 1d6+2, a 3 dice zombie rolls 3d6+6) and appear at the beginning of the next turn. Sixes explode as usual but they do not take OC. Any successful damage destroys a zombie. They have no weaknesses or resistances. Whenever a zombie is destroyed, you take damage equal to the number of dice they possess. Zombies can clash and use other combat moves with the exception of Finishing Attacks. Zombie team attacks can only be done by other zombies and the user. Zombies can be revived (but do not gain additional resolve) at an OC cost of one less than their number of dice, paid by the user. If the user ever falls to 0 resolve, all zombies immediately die and must be revived in order to act. No more than 6 dice worth of zombies may be summoned at a time.
Questionable Cureall: This magical potion recipe might be a little too potent. Take one point of Overcharge (to any attribute) to restore 1d6+4 points of Resolve to yourself or another magical girl. The recipient of the potion also takes a Temporary Change of your current support attribute. Can only be used twice per battle or other scene.
Finisher: All Souls Day - On a successful hit, you deal an additional 1d6 points of damage. You can choose to nullify X points of damage you deal in order to inflict a penalty of X to all rolls made by the target until the end of your next turn.